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Old School Vibe! Modern Upgrades!

Modern Vintage instruments recall guitar and bass designs that are now classics with added improvements and updates that donโ€™t tamper with the formulas that created the sound, feel, and presentation of the originals. Updates include; lightweight Hipshot bass tuning keys, for improved accuracy, and Torrefied maple necks on all models for improved stability, note sustain, and clarity. Modern 2-way truss rods are installed for easy access, allowing โ€œon-the-flyโ€™โ€™ adjustment, making it easy to dial in the perfect setup.

Attention to vintage attributes and small, but significant, details sets Modern Vintage instruments apart. Steel bridge saddles with the vintage โ€˜screw saddleโ€™ design on 60s bass models produce an attack/decay like the originals. Passive electronics, period-correct 4-ply tortoise pickguard material (on select models), color-matched headstocks, and neck profiles modeled after curated vintage instruments possessing the โ€˜most traditionalโ€™ neck shapes of the era.

Modern Vintage instruments deliver the reliability and stability of a contemporary instrument with a true vintage personality and feel. The build quality and attention to detail make Modern Vintage instruments of tremendous value.